Buy Wholesale Ambrosia Chocolate

What started as a small downtown Milwaukee factory for sweets and candies has now become one of the country’s most well-known companies for the finest quality chocolates. Since 1984, Ambrosia Chocolates has been delivering on their reputation as “the food of the gods” with incredibly rich, creamy and flavorful chocolate and cocoa products.

From chocolate coatings, chips, chunks and specialty products, Royal Wholesale Chocolate supplies all of the very best ice cream toppings, cooking chocolates and liquors that the Ambrosia company is known for. Browse our various categories to find Ambrosia dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate and bittersweet chocolate to buy in bulk through our easy online ordering.

As a trusted supplier for all of your chocolate desires, Royal Wholesale Chocolate makes it easy to buy and enjoy Ambrosia dark chocolate, milk chocolate and more, whenever a craving strikes or a party is in need. Contact us to learn more about Ambrosia Chocolates and the other world-class brands we carry.

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