Buy Wholesale Wilbur Chocolates

Wilbur Chocolate has been an American original since 1884, producing the finest, highest-quality chocolates and confectionery products to satisfy the taste buds of every chocolate lover. Their signature Wilbur Buds are the perfect bite-sized snack to enjoy anywhere, while their coatings, confections and drops are a baker’s dream for mixing and melting.

Wilbur’s chocolate candy is so fresh and versatile it makes cooking easy and fun for professional and ametuer bakers alike. Royal Wholesale Chocolate supplies an extensive selection of classic and specialty Wilbur chocolates for you to buy in bulk. Search our various categories of dark, milk and white chocolates, as well as cinnamon, butterscotch and more to find exactly what you need for your next chocolatey creation.

Royal Wholesale Chocolate is one of the largest wholesalers of premium chocolate brands, making it simple easy to buy all of your favorites through our online ordering. Contact us to learn more about Wilbur chocolates and all of the other brands we carry.